About OCCA

The Oklahoma Children's Cancer Association was founded in 1974 by a small group of parents who were experiencing stress, questions and fears associated with having a family member diagnosed with cancer.

These parents saw the need to provide local support for families whose children were diagnosed with cancer, thus Oklahoma Children's Cancer Association was born. OCCA has grown from a small group of caring parents to an organization affiliated with the OU Physicians Jimmy Everest Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

OCCA is a 501(c)3 foundation and has no paid employees. Its programs are entirely staffed by generous and giving volunteers.

The OCCA Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month, September through May.

Board of Directors

Lani Shropshire
Mark Hagan
Cathy Lyon
Vice President
Scott Wallace


Christina Gonzalez
Pam Foster
Glen Foster
Trevor Duhon
Tom Duhon
Donna Duhon
Jan Davis